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Epsom Salt - Magnesium Sulphate

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A popular natural remedy to have in the home, whether it be for a hot relaxing bath or for household use, it is a must have for the cupboard!

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    Epsom Salt is magnesium sulphate in its heptahydrate form (MgSO4.7H2O) & is named after a bitter saline spring in town of Epsom in Surry, England where it was once produced.  

    Magnesium Sulphate has a variety of uses, however in this form "Epsom Salt" is most commonly used as a bath salt, to soothe aching sore muscles or just as a relaxing bath salt. 

    This epsom salt has exceptional purity and will dissolve well in water.

  • How to use

    Simply add 1-2 cups to a warm bath and allow it to dissolve by mixing it through the water well, then jump in and relax! Try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well.

    Also great for use for on gardens tomatoes, rhododendrons, roses, and even your lawn. Dissolve in water, and use as a fertiliser or spray for your garden.