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Organic Black Rice

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Black rice is a highly treasured rice variety originating from Asia. It has been said that in ancient China, Black Rice was amongst a number of foods that were set aside only for the Emperor and the Royal Family due to their quality or health benefits. No one else was allowed to eat these foods without approval from the Emperor. Life threatening consequences were for those caught eating these foods without permission.

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    Touch of sweet, magical aromas. Deliciously nutty taste, soft texture and a beautiful deep purple colour that makes it a striking presence in any dish. Once a forbidden indulgence, now wholesome everyday rice paired beautifully with a number of dishes.

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    • Organic
    • Rich in Antioxidants
    • High in Iron
    • Full of Protein
    • High in Fibre
    • 98% Fat Free
    • Low Glycemic Index
    • Gluten & Wheat Free
    • Non-GMO