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Almond Wasabi

SKU: 246

These delicious roasted wasabi almonds pack some serious punch and are the perfect snack for all lovers of something spicy!
Enriched with their signature wasabi smells and tastes, makes these almonds seriously addictive. They are a great savory snack to share with friends and family when entertaining and are the perfect treat to snack on at work or when you’re on the go. Also containing many health-promoting benefits such as protein, calcium and zinc gives these nuts the ability to reduce cholesterol levels and the risks of cardiovascular disease…WOW!

Our yummy wasabi almonds are 100% Australian grown, helping us support our Aussie farmers as much as possible.


Almonds, Corn Flour, Wasabi Flavouring
Country of Origin: Australia/Imported

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    Almonds, Corn Flour, Wasabi Flavouring
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