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Organic Cafe Femenino Coffee Beans

SKU: 428

Soft clean tastes of spicy ripe plum, sweet silky Cabernet with hints of dark chocolate...!

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    This is a coffee grown high in the Andes in far north Peru. We roast this high grown bean into second crack which holds the clean acidity of capsicum and plummy tastes. This cuts the milk, yet develops smooth body that holds long on the palate with red wine Cabernet notes, and finishes with the touch of dark chocolate. This is one of our most popular coffees for use at home in a plunger or filter, but shines in complexity with an espresso extraction.

  • Coffee Facts

    Region : Lambayeque Penachi

    Altitude : 1300 – 1800 mt

    Varietal : Typica

    Process : Washed sun dried