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Organic Cocoa Powder ALKALISED 10-12%

SKU: 412

Organic Cocoa Powder Alkalized 10-12% is a high quality alkalized or ‘Dutched’ cocoa powder made with a blend of beans from the Dominican Republic (90%) and Uganda (10%). This product has a fat content of 10-12%. The cocoa powder is a fine powder, through a 200 mesh, (75 microns) min. 99.0% (max 1% retained), and is a dark brown with a typical cocoa aroma, and a typical slightly bitter cocoa flavor.

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    This product can be used for coatings, chocolate syrups, chocolate milk chips, cakes, chocolate puddings, cookies, dairy, fudge bases, icings, ice cream, general baking and confectionary use, and general dairy applications.