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Organic Dark Chocolate Ginger

SKU: 369

In this indulgent chocolate bar generous pieces of organic crystallised ginger have been combined with 60 % cocoa dark chocolate. This winning combination captures ginger's inherent warmth while still allowing the flavours of both the ginger and the chocolate to shine.

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    Made from organic ingredients this indulgent chocolate will leave you guilt-free as there are no chemicals or preservatives used in it's production.

  • Ingredients

    *Dark Chocolate (60%)(*Cocoa Mass, *Rapadura Whole Cane Sugar, *Cristallino Cane Sugar, *Cocoa Butter, *Soya Lecithin), 

    *Ginger (40%) (*Ginger, *Sugar,), *glazing agent. 

  • Nutrition Facts

    Dark Chocolate Ginger           per 40g        per 100g
    Energy (kJ)                               779           1948
    Protein (g)                                 1.1              2.8
    Fat -    Total (g)                          9.5             23.8
    Saturated(g)                               6.4            16.0
    Carbohydrates -    Total (g)        23.9           59.8
    Sugars(g)                                   23.0           57.4
    Sodium (mg)                               0.7              1.7