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Organic Raw Brazil Nut

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Brazil nuts are one of our most loved nuts and are incredibly popular amongst us, Aussies. They contain many health-promoting benefits such as, selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant that has been said to protect against heart disease, cancer and boost mood and mental performance, they are also a great source of protein and fiber… is there anything this delicious nut cant do?!

Not only do they contain amazing health benefits, but they also offer a delicious crunchy taste, they are great for snacking on their own and also taste delicious when combined into a delicious trail mix containing other yummy dried fruits and nuts. Brazil nuts are also great combined into an array of different meals such as salads, stir-fries, sprinkled over ice-cream and yoghurt, they are also delicious when added into muesli and granola mixes. They are the perfect addition to delicious baked goods and confections including, fruit and nut bars, chocolate clusters, cakes, tarts and slices.

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    Organic Raw Brazil Nut