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Organic LSA Meal

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Our Organic LSA is a nutritious, cleansing, natural blend of cold milled organic linseeds, organic sunflower seeds and organic almonds. A delicious and healthy addition to your daily diet.

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    Our organic LSA is cold milled from whole seeds and nuts, keeping all the goodness inside! Unlike most of the similar items on the market, it is not a by product of the oil crushing process. A balanced combination of organic linseeds (flaxseed), organic sunflower seeds and organic almonds. Spread on a cereal, whip into yoghurt or blend into shakes and smoothies.

    Honest to Goodness's Organic LSA is milled from whole seeds and nuts so all the natural oils are present when milled. The milling is done at low temperature, again to protect to oils and keep the product as nutritious as it possible can be.

    Our Organic LSA is quite different and much more nutritious than most LSA's on the market in Australia. Many are made from nut and seed meal left over from the oil making process. When these meals are used to make LSA a lot of the goodness is gone. 

  • How to use

    Simply sprinkle over cereal or ice cream, whip into yoghurt or blend into shakes and smoothies. 

  • Growing and Processing

    Our unique whole cold milled (WCM) process, gently grinds the whole raw seeds and nuts, with minimal heat generation. This method prevents oxidation and produces a nutrient dense meal, retaining the raw products essential nutrients and flavour.