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Organic Mylk Chocolate Incaberries

SKU: 363

We have coated tangy incan berries with our signature Coconut Mylk Chocolate to create this delightful treat.

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      The mild tartness of Inca berries, the low-GI sweetness of evaporated coconut nectar – oh yes, and chocolate too! Loving Earth’s famous Mylk chocolate is made with raw Amazónico Criollo cacao rich in antioxidants. Pairing it with superfood Inca berries ups the antioxidant dose even further, adds vitamins A, B and C, and makes for a lusciously rich flavour burst that’s great on its own, in trail mixes, as an ice cream topping, and even in your breakfast cereal. 

    • Ingredients

      raw coconut Mylk chocolate (raw cacao beans, evaporated coconut nectar, coconut, virgin cacao butter), Incan berries (Physalis peruviana)