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Organic Mylk Chocolate White Mulberries

SKU: 366

We've covered organic white mulberries with our signature Raw Coconut Mylk Chocolate to create this scrumptious treat.

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    • Food tags

      • Cane Sugar Free
      • Gluten Free
      • Fair Trade
      • Dairy Free
      • Low GI
      • Vegan
    • Nutrition Facts

      Serving Size: 20g

      Serves Per Package: 250

        PER SERVE PER 100G
      Energy 418kJ(100kcal) 2090kJ(498kcal)
      Protein 1.6g 8.1g
      Fat-total 5.9g 29.6g
         - saturated 3.7g 18.6g
      Carbohydrate-total 11.2g 56.2g
         - sugars 6.8g 34.0g
      Sodium 3mg 16mg
    • More Info

      Delicately sweet white mulberries coated in our Creamy Dark Mylk Chocolate… moorish treat for a cheeky night in. We believe in using simple wholefood ingredients, like our naturally sweet White Mulberries and the Amazonico Criollo cacao in our bean to bar chocolate. All of our cacao is ethically sourced from small grower communities deep in the Amazon rainforests of Peru.

    • How to use

      Eat a small handful for a delicious, energising snack. Even better when shared with someone you love!

      Our chocolate is best enjoyed chilled. For best results store in a cool dark place below temperatures of 20 degrees – preferably refrigerated.

    • Health Benefits

      Magnesium for the Heart and Brain

      Raw cacao is the primary dietary source of magnesium, the most deficient mineral in western civilisation. Magnesium is the most important mineral for a healthy functioning heart. It also plays a key role in producing energy for the neurons in the brain from glucose. So when there is an abundance of magnesium the brain works with clarity and focus.

      Mood elevators and Anti-depressants

      Cacao is a great source of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (PEA), four well-studied neurotransmitters, which are associated with feelings of well-being and help alleviate depression. Both PEA and Anandamide (the bliss chemical) are found in abundance in the brains of happy people and are particularly released when we are feeling happy. Both of these neurotransmitters are present in raw cacao in large enough quantities to affect the brain and lift our moods. Cacao also contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO Inhibitors) that keep neurotransmitters in the bloodstream for longer without being broken down.