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Onion powder is made from chopped, dried and powdered onion. Commonly used as a seasoning. It is a common ingredient in seasoned salt and spice mixes.

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    Like granules, onion powder provides flavor and aroma, but not texture. It's especially good for sauces and gravies, canned foods, meats, spice blends, soups and spreads. Add directly to most foods or rehydrate by mixing with enough cool water to make a smooth paste. In place of one fresh onion, use 1-1/3 Tablespoon onion powder.

    Use onion when you want an onion flavor, aroma, and some texture in your recipe. They work well in casseroles, soups, sauces, meatloaf, vegetable dishes, relishes, breads and stuffings.

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    Onions have an extremely wide use and are found in many savoury dishes, complementing tomatoes and potatoes really well, while meats like beef, chicken, lamb and pork love the flavours of onions. Onions add flavour as well as reducing the richness from the fats and oils in the meats. Unlike many vegetables that store their energy as starch, onions store their energy in long chains of fructose, so when the pungent fresh onions are cooked slowly these break down into a distinctly sweet flavour as well as a deliciously rich and umami-like meaty flavour profile that helps its partnership with meats. It is also because of the drying process that dried onion sometimes appears sweeter than fresh onion.