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Organic Raisins Sunmuscat

SKU: 291

Organic sun muscat raisins are a specialised variety of raisin known for their sweeter flavour, and as a result they are a popular favourite in our online store.  Grown in Australian Vineyards they sun dried on the vine to retain their natural goodness and being organic, are completely free of any chemicals.

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    The sunmuscat is one of nature’s mysterious blessings.

    Sunmuscat raisins are a delicious cross between of a sultana and a raisin. Unique to Australia, the combination gives them a mellow muscat taste. The delectable descendant of bloodstock has resulted in a true raisin flavour.

    With a glowing golden tan, devoid of seeds and a reverend sultana appearance, it’s an irresistible combination that represents its Australian heritage.

    “These little fruit bombs are bursting with real flavour” and can be added to a vast number of sweet and savoury recipes - or eaten by the handful. They can be a delightful ingredient in cakes, puddings, curries, salads or muesli and are the perfect choice for Easter buns. Sunmuscat raisins are a healthy, high-fibre snack and an essential pantry staple.

  • health benefits

    Raisins pack a lot of nutrients into their small size. They are high in potassium, which is an alkaline mineral important for the nervous system, muscular contractions and for healthy blood pressure. They are a good source of iron and B6 and are rich in beneficial digestive fibre and good carbohydrates.